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El Cid—Spain’s Champion 2

In 711 an army of Muslims crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and overran Spain. They took the whole peninsula except for a strip of kingdoms in the north and northwest. Next they crossed the Pyrenees and went for France.  If … Continue reading

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El Cid—Spain’s Champion

This is the tomb of El Cid (Ruy Díaz de Vivar) and his wife Ximena in a little monastery in Old Castile called San Pedro de Cardeña: In the graveyard outside is his horse Babieca: They say the great battle … Continue reading

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Your Time to Be a Hero 2

“I can’t sleep,” Xenophon said to the officers, “and I know you can’t either.” Their generals were all gone. The Persian king had sworn a truce and invited them to his camp to talk, then cut them down. Now, without … Continue reading

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Caesar’s Greatest Battle (Part 3)

They came at the dead of night, says Caesar. Julius Caesar (public domain photo) He couldn’t have liked that much. Darkness always greatly increased the danger of battle. His lookout towers had a fine view of the enemy during the … Continue reading

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Cervantes at Lepanto

Cervantes had a useless left hand—a war wound. Nowadays we would call him a disabled veteran. His enemy Avellaneda called him an “old one-armed guy.” That really burned him. “If my wounds don’t shine so brightly in the eyes of … Continue reading

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