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A White Fawn Whispers to Sertorius

One morning a hunter brought a snow-white fawn into camp and presented it to Sertorius. One of Argonne’s famous white deer makes a rare appearance on a misty morning (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license photo) Sertorius smiled to … Continue reading

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Hannibal’s Ingenious Trick

Everyone knows that Hannibal led an army with elephants over the Alps to attack Rome. That was one of the boldest and most colorful deeds in military (or any other) history. Hannibal’s Famous Crossing of the Alps (public domain photo) … Continue reading

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Something Spooky about Rome?

Erika wrote: Pretty impressive, a great general [Hannibal] was. What puzzles me most is why these extraordinary gentlemen hesitated to take Rome when it was within their reach. Attila had a chance to do it, but stopped short. Was it … Continue reading

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