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Scipio Takes Command

Scipio was the man who finally beat Hannibal on the battlefield. Bronze bust of Scipio Africanus in the the Naples National Archaeological Museum (Inv. No. 5634), dated mid 1st century BC, from the Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum, modern … Continue reading

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Hannibal’s Famous Vow

Hamilcar Barca, Hannibal’s father, went to check in with the priests at the temple just before setting out for Spain. His army was waiting for him in their ships at the port of Carthage. Ruins of the Ancient port of … Continue reading

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The Great Rio Tinto Mine

The first explorers sailed carefully through the Gates of Hercules (Gibraltar and Dschebel Musa) and a little beyond. What did they find in that New World? No one they knew had ever been there before but it was reputed to … Continue reading

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