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Old Roman Specularis Mines

Spain used to be a kind of Eldorado. It was fabulously rich in minerals. Rome and Carthage both financied their wars with Spanish gold and silver. Roman gold mine of Las Medulas, Leon, Spain    GNFD photo by Rafael Ibez … Continue reading

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Pliny’s Heroic Death

Pliny’s Heroic Death (as described by his nephew) …He was at Misenum [in the Bay of Naples] in his capacity as commander of the fleet on the 24th of August [79 AD], when between 2 and 3 in the afternoon … Continue reading

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Pliny: A Man Who Didn’t Waste Time

Pliny (called “the Elder”) used to get up at twelve and work the rest of the night. No time to lose sleeping. Then just before sun-up he got dressed and went out. The streets of Rome were already busy. Everyone … Continue reading

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