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The Tomb of Hercules

The most famous ancient sanctuary in Western Europe was in Cadiz,  in old Spain. Hercules was buried there. Hercules Monument at Cadiz, Spain There was an oracle. You could ask her questions and get a cryptic reply or an interpretation … Continue reading

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The Delphic Oracle

The Priestess of Delphi by Hon. John Collier There is endless fantasy writing on this subject. Writers have been outdoing each other for over two thousand years. Here are some unromanticized views. H. W. Parke in his A History of … Continue reading

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Caesar’s Troubling Dream (Part Three)

The crypt was chilly and musty. He remembered waiting for the oracle at Delphi, which was fragrant with bay leaves and barley. His mind began to drift. He began thinking about the march that would begin that same afternoon and … Continue reading

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