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Scipio Takes Command (Part 3)

How could the Roman Assembly give the command of an army to a boy of twenty-seven (Livy says twenty-four)? Gold signet ring from Capua with the portrait of Scipio Africanus.  (late 3rd or early 2nd century B.C.)  (public domain photo) … Continue reading

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Scipio Takes Command (Part 2)

The Carthaginian commander of New Carthage, Mago by name, had only a thousand soldiers to defend the city, and most of them were mercenaries. Unlike Rome, Carthage never had its own citizen army. He decided to keep them at their … Continue reading

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Something Spooky about Rome?

Erika wrote: Pretty impressive, a great general [Hannibal] was. What puzzles me most is why these extraordinary gentlemen hesitated to take Rome when it was within their reach. Attila had a chance to do it, but stopped short. Was it … Continue reading

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