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Hawkwood the Soldier of Fortune

This man, painted on the wall of an Italian cathedral way back in 1436,  is an Englishman. The great fresco painting of Giovanni Acuto by Paolo Uccello (1436) (publlic domain photo) What were the Italians doing painting an Englishman in … Continue reading

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Hannibal’s Ingenious Trick

Everyone knows that Hannibal led an army with elephants over the Alps to attack Rome. That was one of the boldest and most colorful deeds in military (or any other) history. Hannibal’s Famous Crossing of the Alps (public domain photo) … Continue reading

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They Called Sertorius the Roman Hannibal

Julius Caesar was ambitious, says Plutarch, and he paid for it.   Tusculum portrait of Caesar (public domain photo by Tataryn77) The proud Romans could see, or thought they could see, that he would stop at nothing less than becoming … Continue reading

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What Rome Learned from Hispania

Rome picked up all kinds of tricks and useful knowledge from the peoples it conquered. While fighting the native Spaniards, for instance, the Roman officers saw the virtues of the short sword they carried. Both its edges were sharp and … Continue reading

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Caesar’s Army: Basic Facts

Organization A LEGION comprised 6000 soldiers. It was made up of 10 COHORTS, each containing 600 soldiers. The cohort was composed of 3  MANIPLES (200 soldiers each). A maniple contained  2 CENTURIES (one hundred men = a century) and their … Continue reading

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Roman Funerals Were Like Plays

In old Republican Rome you didn’t want to miss the funeral of a great man. It was a real show. His body was carried in a procession to the Forum, the main square of the city, and laid on the … Continue reading

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Hannibal’s Famous Vow

Hamilcar Barca, Hannibal’s father, went to check in with the priests at the temple just before setting out for Spain. His army was waiting for him in their ships at the port of Carthage. Ruins of the Ancient port of … Continue reading

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