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Spartan Wit

Spartan wit was famous.   Laconic (Laconia was another word for Sparta) means short, pithy, to the point. Plutarch, the old Greek historian,  gives some examples: Once a Spartan king was watching a show with a sword-swallower.  “That’s easily done here … Continue reading

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Your Time to Be a Hero 4

The army of Greek mercenaries was armed now and ready to march.  Xenophon had been thinking about its formation. “We’ve always marched ahead of our baggage train,” he told the officers, “and it holds us back.   Sometimes the vanguard goes … Continue reading

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Your Time to Be a Hero 2

“I can’t sleep,” Xenophon said to the officers, “and I know you can’t either.” Their generals were all gone. The Persian king had sworn a truce and invited them to his camp to talk, then cut them down. Now, without … Continue reading

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