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What Rome Learned from Hispania

Rome picked up all kinds of tricks and useful knowledge from the peoples it conquered. While fighting the native Spaniards, for instance, the Roman officers saw the virtues of the short sword they carried. Both its edges were sharp and … Continue reading

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Caesar’s Army: Basic Facts

Organization A LEGION comprised 6000 soldiers. It was made up of 10 COHORTS, each containing 600 soldiers. The cohort was composed of 3  MANIPLES (200 soldiers each). A maniple contained  2 CENTURIES (one hundred men = a century) and their … Continue reading

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El Cid—Spain’s Champion 2

In 711 an army of Muslims crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and overran Spain. They took the whole peninsula except for a strip of kingdoms in the north and northwest. Next they crossed the Pyrenees and went for France.  If … Continue reading

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