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A Spanish Pompeii?

Sort of. At least it was a real Roman city with all the fixings and it was buried and lost to history for a thousand years. The difference is that Pompeii was covered up all at once by volcanic dust … Continue reading

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A Man in a Toga

What did a Roman wear? Why, a toga, of course. Roman toga (public domain image) Wasn’t that a troublesome garment to walk around in? Yes, you had to readjust it constantly. Walking and talking with gestures messed it up. How … Continue reading

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The Moors Are Coming

The last people to leave the town of Segóbriga had to pack up in a hurry and head for the fortified town of Uclés, eight miles away. There was no time to lose because the Moors were coming. The Moors … Continue reading

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Roman Concrete

There is nothing harder than old Roman concrete. Around the former empire you still see their walls and constructions of all kinds made of poured concrete. Remains of the grandstands of the Roman circus at Toledo, Spain (file photo) They … Continue reading

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Ask the Goddess Diana

Outside the old Roman town of Segóbriga, across the creek and where the woods start, is a mysterious shrine. On a rock wall, in a place that´s hard to reach (basically you have to skin your hand and ruin a … Continue reading

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