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A Bishop Chickens Out. Would You?

“The incense is in that bowl, Basílides,” said the Roman official. “When you are finished making your offering to the emperor, I will give you this certificate with my signature. Keep it with you and show it to any Roman … Continue reading

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Early Christians and a Conscientious Roman Governor

Pliny the Younger didn’t know what to do with the Christians. Bust of Trajan (reign 98–117 ), in the Glyptothek, Munich (public domain photo by User:Bibi Saint-Pol) The Emperor Trajan had appointed him governor and sent him to Bithynia in … Continue reading

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Homo Antecessor

Atapuerca, near Burgos, Spain, is the greatest dig of modern times. Everyone is excited. What is all the fuss about? What’s so special about Atapuerca? On July 8, 1994, a new species of man was discovered. They found human remains … Continue reading

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How to Behave in Rome

Strictly speaking, the Romans didn’t have a religion. There were gods, of course, and you had to keep them happy. Each of them had his own department: Mars handled war and Juno looked after women and Venus was in charge … Continue reading

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The Crow: or the First Punic War (Part 1)

What if you are a great army but your enemy is a great navy? You know how to march with fine discipline over hill and dale. You pitch a dandy camp, a real fortress with high walls and a ditch, … Continue reading

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The Valley of the Fallen

At Appomattox, at the end of the American Civil War, the surrender of the Southern armies was unconditional. The parlor of the (reconstructed) McLean House, Appomattox Court House, Virginia, site of the surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee at the … Continue reading

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The Delphic Oracle

The Priestess of Delphi by Hon. John Collier There is endless fantasy writing on this subject. Writers have been outdoing each other for over two thousand years. Here are some unromanticized views. H. W. Parke in his A History of … Continue reading

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