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Hannibal’s Famous Vow

Hamilcar Barca, Hannibal’s father, went to check in with the priests at the temple just before setting out for Spain. His army was waiting for him in their ships at the port of Carthage. Ruins of the Ancient port of … Continue reading

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Hannibal and Fabius

The Romans were all soldiers and their effectiveness out in the field depended on their discipline. You often meet an enemy with a lot of spirit and bluster. The Gauls would stand up to a Roman maniple with the courage … Continue reading

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What Did Hannibal Look Like?

The Romans destroyed every last statue of their arch-enemy Hannibal. So all we have to go by are coins with his image minted in his time. Like this one: This is an ancient bust: Hellenistic Marble Bust of Hannibal, likely … Continue reading

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