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Caesar’s Troubling Dream (Part Two)

The next morning a temple acolyte came to the Roman camp with the news that the oracle was ready to receive the quaestor. The acolyte wore the same white alb as the temple priests, and his head was shaved, which … Continue reading

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Greek Maidens

Caryatides are marble statues of women that take the place of columns in some famous Greek temples, such as the Erechtheum. Somebody’s good idea—to use a pretty woman to hold up a roof? Somebody’s MEAN idea. Vitruvius, the Roman architect, … Continue reading

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The End of the World

The ancients thought that Spain was as big as a continent and no one even knew its shape. They said it was full of strange tribes of uncivilized peoples who loved bulls and war, and also that it was so … Continue reading

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