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Giddy-up, Aristotle

This looks like a medieval version of Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly singing “True Love.” But it isn’t anything like that. Those aren’t earphones or the man’s microphone but a…bridle. The woman is riding him. She is Phyllis the Courtesan … Continue reading

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Cómo pintó Miguel Ángel la Capilla Sixtina

Las manos de Dios y Adán (foto Wikipedia archivo) El Papa ordena un milagro El Papa Julio II creía que Miguel Ángel era capaz de hacer cualquier trabajo y le ordenó pintar el techo de la capilla. “Pero yo no … Continue reading

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Hawkwood the Soldier of Fortune

This man, painted on the wall of an Italian cathedral way back in 1436,  is an Englishman. The great fresco painting of Giovanni Acuto by Paolo Uccello (1436) (publlic domain photo) What were the Italians doing painting an Englishman in … Continue reading

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How Horses Run

Horses don’t run like rabbits—they don’t hop; but you wouldn’t think artists knew that, even real horse lovers and good observers like Leonardo da Vinci. Or George Stubbs, an eighteenth-century specialist, who showed his race-horses scampering over green English lawns … Continue reading

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Cervantes’ House Restored

Miguel de Cervantes is considered the greatest Spanish author—the Shakespeare of Spanish letters. People who go to England make the excursion, the pilgrimage, to Stratford-on-Avon, to see Shakespeare’s house. Who goes to see Cervantes’? Few. Where is it? Not far … Continue reading

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Islam in Spain

Córdoba–the Roman Bridge and the Great Mosque by James (Jim) Gordon A long turn in the road and then great Córdoba, shining Córdoba, appears far down across the plain: “lejana y sola”, as in the Lorca poem,  far off and … Continue reading

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How Michelangelo Painted the Sistine Chapel

Hands of God and Adam (Wikipedia file photo) The Pope Orders a Miracle Pope Julius II believed Michelangelo could do anything and ordered him to decorate the ceiling of the chapel. “But I’m not a painter,” Michelangelo protested, “I’m a … Continue reading

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