Caesar’s Great Victory

The great Gallic leader Vercingetorix surrenders to Caesar
by Lionel Noel Royer.

Vercingetorix Surrenders to Caesar

Caesar sits in his bright robe, the scarlet palludamentum of the imperator that he habitually wore in battle and which proclaimed his arrival to the soldiers.
His military tribunes watch with great curiosity. Behind them stand Roman soldiers with the captured standards. Their defeat of the huge Gallic army was one of the most daring battles ever fought.

This is Plutarch’s account of the surrender of the Gallic king:
“Vercingetorix, the supreme leader in the whole war, put on his most beautiful armor, had his horse carefully groomed, and rode out through the gates. Caesar was sitting down and Vercingetorix, after riding round him in a circle, leaped down from his horse, stripped off his armor, and sat at Caesar’s feet silent and motionless until he was taken away under arrest, a prisoner reserved for the triumph.” (Plutarch, Life of Caesar)


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3 Responses to Caesar’s Great Victory

  1. James says:

    Druids is one of the ugliest and factious anti-Roman flop in the history of Cinema
    obviously.. Gaul.. ehhhmmmm, sorry, I meant .. French production

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  3. erikatakacs says:

    I saw once a movie on this titled “Druids”. Christopher Lambert sucked in Vercingetorix’ role, but still enjoyed the movie.

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